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At FJB Construction we understand everything there is to know about flooring. We collectively share years of experience working with hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile and stone flooring for properties of all kinds.

Flooring installation in Atlanta with simple and cautious processes to avoid inconveniences that can be faced along the way.

Our design experts know how to help you identify the pros and cons of different material options so you get quality and last. We treat our clients’ homes and businesses as if they were our own.


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hardwood floor installation in Atlanta and all of Georgia

One of the greatest benefits of hardwood is the wide selection,
all of which have timeless beauty and value. It is also better for cleaning and hygiene as it does not retain the dirt, grime and dust that carpets do.

Hardwood is also the ecologically clean option as it is biodegradable and can actually benefit forests that need grooming. Its ease of maintenance also helps keep your home safer and healthier for everyone in the home.

Laminate Floor Installation in Atlanta and all of Georgia

Laminate can give the overall look and feel of hardwood without being as susceptible to moisture damage. It can also be easily installed over existing flooring, making it easy to remove and replace as needed.

Laminate flooring is also extremely easy to maintain, as it is highly durable and easy to sweep. You simply need to do regular sweeping to prevent abrasive scratches on the surface of your tile.

Ceramic Tile Installation in Atlanta and all of Georgia

Ceramic is incredibly cost-effective, running homeowners less per square foot while being extremely durable. It needs severe impact to break a tile, and it holds up well against water and moisture.

It requires basic maintenance, such as cleaning dirt or soaking up water, but it responds well to almost any household cleaner. Moisture can potentially weaken the installation over continued exposure, but you can avoid this altogether with basic cleaning.

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